Solving the Video Marketing Equation

For those of you who are not big math fans, bare with me for a moment because the formula for a successful video marketing strategy is more than 1+1=2. It’s a complex equation that multiplies more than just the video itself. It adds everything that’s outside the player as well.

It is important to understand that what’s outside your video player is just as crucial. Today you have to design for a rich interactive content world. Each variable in this equation is just as imperative as the next and I’m going to explain why:

Video: This is the easiest variable to understand. Your video has to match your brand promise and convey your intended message to the correct audience while keeping their attention on your page. A boring or irrelevant video will cause you to lose your viewers and potential customers.

Context: Your surrounding content has to match the message of your video. If a user is on a page about a certain product, the video on that page better be about that product. The design of the player should blend in well with the rest of the content and be part of the page as a whole, not just thrown in any empty space.

SEO: Video and SEO go together like bread and butter. One without the other isn’t a comprehensive approach. Video is a great way to drive traffic and improve ranks if you include video site maps with descriptions and meta tags. It’s a great way to get people to your page and increase their time on site.

Call to Action: Your video should present a clear action for the viewer to take, whether that’s fill out a form for more information, sign up for a newsletter, etc. and they should be able to take that action on that same page as the video. A lot of marketers doubt the impact of video because it’s too hard to measure ROI, but including a call to action in the video combined with a contact form is the best way to gauge the video’s success.

Active User Experience: It’s getting more and more important to keep the user engaged in your content because attention spans are getting shorter with each new generation. No longer are people passively consuming your content. This is an active world and your video and surrounding content must reflect that.

Though this equation isn’t the only way to compute an effective video marketing strategy, it challenges you to sum up all your online tactics into one calculation for the best possible video solution.

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