What Is Social Listening, and How Can You Use It?

Finding the best tools to grow your business can be time consuming. If you’ve heard of social listening tools as a way of achieving your business goals, you may first be wondering what it is. Social listening is a process that requires you to track conversations around brands, industries, phrases, topics and keywords. The idea here is to understand what your audience wants and needs from you.

What Can You Learn from Social Listening?

Many businesses treat social listening as social monitoring. However, monitoring should focus only on collecting the social interactions and mentions, and social listening should analyze and study all that information. Thanks to social listening, you understand your brand’s health and gain insights to drive important product decisions.

Moreover, social listening allows you to improve the customer experience based on direct feedback, and develop new ideas for your marketing campaigns. Used correctly, it allows you to create content your audiences need, and the strategic content can drive more sales and value.

To get the most out of social listening, aim to learn everything you can about your audience’s perception of your brand, be it negative or positive. This powerful critical study of your business reveals what customers think and how you could improve.

Social Listening Tools

  • Sysomos offers professional social listening features, management, and analytics in a single software. You get to understand how your brand fares online and your areas for improvement.
  • Mention provides real time monitoring with immediate reports about your company and its online benefits.
  • IFTTT automatically sends you an email when someone mentions you online. You can then reply to that mention on the spot, interacting with real audience members and receiving feedback.
  • Keyhole may not be a free tool, but it allows you to track accounts, hashtags, mentions, and This tracking can lead to detailed insights and new brand strategies.

How to Use the Insights You’ve Gained

Beyond identifying the brand-relevant content people share, social listening helps you identify more targeted brand and industry keywords, location-specific keywords, and even keywords you want to avoid.

Social listening’s unfiltered feedback reveals the truth about your online image. Getting that feedback means you can efficiently answer questions, manage your reputation, and grow your company. Plus, you get to create content that resonates with your audience. Make the most out of social listening and its benefits. We encourage you to explore the tools mentioned above, and contact us to find out how you can better connect with your audience through social listening.

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