SNL Loves YouTube for Internet Video Marketing

Not too long ago, a visit to YouTube and a search for Saturday Night Live-related skits would have proven disappointing. Internet videos are hot, but NBC was having none of it – to watch music or comedy-based videos from the venerable staple of late-night TV, searchers had to go to NBC itself to view SNL-related material. These days, times have changed – SNL clearly recognizes the power and reach of their videos on multiple websites, especially one with the popularity and influence of YouTube and its Google-indexed massive library of videos. SNL skits can be found directly on YouTube, usually with onscreen text directing viewers to SNL’s own website to watch full episodes.

NBC and SNL’s embrace of YouTube is just another example of smart Internet marketing – content videos on major video portals can be used to direct viewers back to your own website for increased traffic, leads and sales. Fathom’s Internet video marketing department specializes in creating product and service-specific videos that span the Internet and direct viewers back to our clients’ websites. Reach out to us and let Fathom help you reach-out to the video masses.

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Working at Fathom for the past 9.5 years, Daiv learned SEO and Internet marketing from the ground floor up. He's developed content strategies for numerous clients, written for multiple industries, managed accounts and written and produced online videos. He's also had a cable access TV show, created several video art installations, been a Rock journalist, and enjoys blogging about content marketing and SEO as well as digital strategy for manufacturers.

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