An Admin's Take on Spring '14 [Review]

The word on the street is ‘salesforce1!’ With Spring ’14, has yet again dazzled us with a fantastic new release of salesforce1 mobile, platform, connected and social communities.

What I like about this release is that Salesforce is recognizing that connectivity for the sake of connectivity is not enough. What is behind the connectivity—our customers—is what drives our success and gives us an edge. We integrate, automate and streamline to form personalized relationships with our customers; connectivity is simply part of the process.

If we possess a comprehensive and sophisticated CRM, why limit the salesforce app functionality? With Spring ’14, we don’t need to ask. The salesforce1 mobile app gives our users tremendous insight by adding dashboard, publisher, partner, and custom object features and accessibility to our mobile apps (to name a few). The app conveniently places the ribbon on the side of the screen with recognizable icons for users. Users can even set up push notifications from salesforce1 to their respective devices.

Admins now have their salesforce1 admin app that is a step in the right direction (though could use some improvement) and provides mobile administrative functionality not previously available. While changing ownership of accounts is still not editable, the “reset password” feature is my new favorite. Branded, unique, social customer communities are also available. Spring ’14 gives our customers a special experience while on-the-go, across any device, any time.

Marketing people, want to check out something cool? Look at ExactTarget’s salesforce1 Journey Builder, an intuitive one-to-one engine that allows you to build messages based on actual customer behavior. It’s known for its easy drag-and-drop interface and is essentially a ‘campaign planning tool.’ Click here to view all Spring ’14 new release features and access training materials.

Spring ’14 isn’t just about technology. It is about the emotion behind the technology, the customer behind the connectivity. THAT is why this release is a great one … and why I am taking full advantage of salesforce1’s 150+ new features.

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