The Power of Retargeting

The Power of Retargeting


Has this happened to you?: You are casually browsing the internet when you stumble upon a product you like. After a few moments of examining the product, you decide against purchasing and, instead, continue your browsing of the internet on other websites. Then, later in the day, an ad for the product you previously debated purchasing appears on another website, which leads you to make the decision to re-visit the website and inevitably purchase the product.

If this scenario has happened to you, then you have been exposed to the powerful marketing tool retargeting. Retargeting tracks those who visit your site, tagging them as potential customers, and later, after they have left from your website, displays your retargeted ads to those potential customers, on other sites they visit, recapturing their interest and hopefully leading them back to your site.

This marketing tool works outside of the e-commerce realm as well. Picture a student visiting your university’s website, browsing various pages, exploring specific majors, when they then decide to check their social media or peruse news websites. Could that user have been a potential student? Would an ad on their Facebook timeline convince them to further consider your university and apply?

Recent reports show that users who are retargeted to are 70% more likely to convert. Should your school, company,etc be using the powerful tool of remarketing?

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