The ‘Retail-ization’ of Healthcare [Webinar]

For SaleYour patients are changing … are you?

The healthcare industry is constantly changing, along with the expectations of your patients. Keeping up with their demands and increasing their satisfaction requires careful engagement.

To help assist you in this cause, Bill Balderaz, President of Fathom Healthcare, will discuss in a webinar how consumers of healthcare are becoming more and more like retail consumers.

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According to Google, 1 out of 20 searches are related to health issues. The company felt this number was significant enough to create the Healthcare Knowledge Graph to help bring health information to the searcher more quickly (and directly) within the search result listings. This initiative plays into one of the 5 examples of the retail-ization of healthcare that we’re calling ‘Do-It-Yourself Healthcare.’

So, How Are Patients’ Expectations Changing?

Patients are comparison-shopping for healthcare services now more than ever. These days, searching for a doctor or where to have a health procedure is similar to the experience to buying a new car.


Finding a doctor on Healthgrades.

cars for sale

Finding a car.

How does your healthcare organization need to change to meet the demands of today’s patients?

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  • An understanding of how patients are becoming more like consumers
  • 5 signs of the retail-ization of healthcare
  • Practical ways to cater marketing plans to the new generation of patients
  • Examples of biotech innovation directly from science fiction

The goal of this webinar is to understand patient expectations in the new healthcare climate and how your organization can fulfill (if not exceed) them.

Please join us on Tuesday, March 31st at 2 pm EDT.

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