The Personal Touch: How to Leverage Video Marketing for Healthcare

In this ever-evolving digital age, it’s increasingly important to find a way to reach out and engage patients as they begin to take a more active role in their healthcare decisions. With information at everyone’s fingertips, and the growing need for instant gratification, it is more important than ever to have a clear strategy positioning your brand as an authoritative and recognizable industry leader.

Video is a perfect way to do this. Video humanizes an otherwise “clinical” perception of healthcare. It is a powerful marketing tool that can help distinguish you from the crowd, attract new patients, build loyalty, inspire patient confidence, and cultivate relationships with staff, physicians, and the community.

The best part about video is that it is so versatile. There are so many different types of videos that healthcare marketers can use to achieve a wide variety of goals. For example, video testimonials are a great form of word-of-mouth marketing. The most important thing to do is to identify one marketing objective and pair it with the right type of video.

Here are 4 great ways to use video in healthcare marketing:

1. Video Testimonials

Authentic, professionally done testimonial videos are almost a must have because of their huge influence on potential customers.  Research shows that 31 percent of people will make a positive decision after viewing a testimonial video.

Video testimonials are a form of storytelling that can be a powerful tool in attracting new patients and instilling a sense of confidence. The strength of purposeful storytelling combines the natural story arc—challenge, struggle and resolution— with the facts, figures, features and benefits—otherwise faceless and inexpressive information— to create an influential message to your audience.

These stories render an emotion in your audience, making it more memorable and actionable; bringing life to the call to action you want from your viewers.

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital does a great job sharing successes with the world through their “Tell Me a Story” series.

2. Welcome Messages

Most healthcare providers have a wide range of services to offer. A common challenge is finding a way to deliver all of this information in a way that is not only easily digestible but is presented in a humanistic style in order to connect with patients.

Welcome videos are a great way to achieve both. Making video front and center helps show that you are committed to providing the best user experience that you can, committed to the care of your patients, and committed to offering information beyond the traditional methods.

This style of video is a great way to build new relationships with prospective patients right away.  It can help capture your audience and keep them engaged on your website longer.

The Children’s Hospital of Orange County puts a spin on this concept and offers multiple video options on their homepage that helps engage visitors based on their pain points and helps them navigate from the website main page.

3. Physician Profiles

In most cases, the most important part of the customer experience in healthcare is the feeling that real humans will be there to take care of patients in their critical time. Real humans that care about their patient’s well-being. Real humans that spend time innovating their skills to make patients’ quality of life better.

If you are looking to market patient care and send positive messages about customer experience, video is just about the best medium to do so. Physician profile videos are one of the best ways to present a sense of caring and confidence to current and prospective patients. They’re great for enhancing professional reputation, attracting new patients and retaining business.

Rush University Medical Center takes full advantage of leveraging profile videos to spotlight each physician and their specialties. The videos help make them relate-able to their patients and bring a face to the center’s services.


4. Procedure or Health Issue

Video is excellent for explaining sensitive information when words alone may not be enough. It is the optimal way to educate patients about procedures and services you offer, while encouraging a sense of assurance of the options and benefits.

These types of video are great ways to appeal to new patients, generate calls for appointments, and distinguish what you offer from the rest. Focusing on a particular health issue or procedure, such as high blood pressure, stoke prevention, or cosmetic surgery can be very beneficial in marketing the specialties and expertise potential patients are looking for.

Lawrence Memorial Hospital uses their homepage space to feature their services by promoting a video with each kind of healthcare they offer. This strategy helps funnel visitors from the homepage to the area of the website they are looking for, both increasing their time on site and increasing the chance of conversion.

The Proof

            According to a national telephone survey, eighty percent of Internet users have looked online for information about any of 15 health topics such as a specific disease or treatment. 25 percent of Internet users have watched an online video about health or medical issues.

Your potential patients are out there. What better way to reach them than with a personal touch through video? Video enables hospitals and healthcare systems to positively influence their staff, physicians and community with engaging and lasting messages.

Healthcare professionals can exhibit and market their specialties, expertise, experience, office environment, and customer service in a way to attract patients by utilizing video. So get started today!

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