QR Codes are Part of the Art World in Cleveland

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Fathom Online Marketing is full of creative individuals with specialties in graphic design, video, writing, SEO and more. Of course, while we are always coming up with creative ideas for our clients, a lot of Fathomites just can’t pass up an opportunity to see what creative ideas are going on around town. It helps to keep us on our game.

October 7 was the opening of the “Video Fall-Out” Installation curated by local artist Cindy Penter and Paul Cusato, Board President of film non-profit Independent Pictures. The event was held at The Bank Building in Cleveland’s Waterloo Arts District of North Collinwood. The event allowed the 22 participating artists to showcase their artistic creativity through video.

As lovers of the arts, my husband, Tom, and I went to this event to support Fathom Online Marketing’s own Daiv Whaley, who unveiled his one-man band video, Idiotbox. While my husband and I remain Daiv’s fans, the three of us could not ignore the innovativeness of local artist and graphic designer, Patsy Kline.

Patsy Kline QR Code.mov diariesKline’s presentation room was filled with posters that contained QR codes. Once scanned by a SmartPhone, each QR code connected you to a short, raw video clip that the artist had recorded on her iPhone while walking or driving around town. Her work is entitled QR Codes.mov diaries.

In explaining the videos on her blog, Kline says, “The main purpose of this diary is to experience QR Code technology in a playful way while introducing a new way of participatory art — augmented reality.”

QR Codes for Business

Just as artist Patsy Kline connects people to art through QR code technology in an interactive way, you can connect people to your business. Like an artist, let your imagination go wild! Here are some examples to get those creative juices going:

  • Grow your email marketing list. Fathom’s Tim Roman, Business Development Manager gives you some tips.
  • Create your own QR code shopping experience like UK retailer Tesco is doing in South Korea. See the article reported by EComm Newz.
  • Give your patrons a special visual of your product like the Radisson Edwardian is doing for guests who order their ‘dish of the month.’ See article reported by BQRious.

Read more about how Patsy Kline connects technology and interactive arts on her blog: http://galleryucleveland.blogspot.com/.

North Collinwood, on Cleveland, Ohio’s east side, has become a popular area for Cleveland artists to live and work. This can be attributed to a group known as Arts Collinwood that encourages the arts within this neighborhood and has been instrumental in revitalizing the area’s Waterloo business district. The area is just another reason why Cleveland Rocks!

Thanks to Daiv Whaley for sharing the picture and Colleen Friess for sharing the Tesco story.

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