Purple Spaghetti and True Confessions | #KreweChats on Marketo: Episode #8


If this statement resonates with you, then you’ll love #KreweChats. Get the inside scoop on Marketo best practices and also hear marketers collaborate — and commiserate– as they make a big impact on their organization. #KreweChats is full of honest insights, from honest marketers, in love with an awesome platform.

The focus of episode 8 is the Revenue Cycler Modeler and the Krewe’s favorite beverages. Watch now:

The Krewe today includes:

Dory Viscogliosi from Datto, loves an Old Fashioned

Joe Reitz from Fathom, loves beer from Two Brothers Brewery

Rachel Egan from TubeMogul, loves cider, champaign and whiskey

Sydney Mulligan from Phreesia, is a big PSL fan

Ande Kempf, from BizLibrary, loves an IPA called The Calling

Most Valuable Insights from Episode 8 on the Revenue Cycle Modeler:

  1. The best way to get started when developing a revenue cycle model? People and a whiteboard
  2. Beware of purple spaghetti! Get your sales team involved straight away
  3. PRO TIP ALERT from Sydney at 10:45. She shares the best place to build your model.
  4. The Krewe’s favorite report? The Success Pack Analyzer gets you a bird’s eye view of lead velocity
  5. My personal favorite quote from Dory, “if it’s not in Salesforce, it doesn’t exist!”
  6. Joe’s true thoughts about sales people (24:35)

#KreweChats happen on a bi-weekly basis. The sessions are housed in the Marketo community and are also available on YouTube. You can subscribe on YouTube here so you don’t miss an episode.

Do you have a favorite segment? Let me know in the comments below.

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