Publish or Perish Episode 30: Lily the Dog, Bourbon and the Best Sales Prospecting Email Evah!

In this week’s episode of Publish or Perish, Jeff Leo Herrmann and Jon Pogact talk about sales emails, Marketo, and what they’re looking forward to at next week’s Marketing Nation Summit. Specifically, Jon and Jeff break down the best sales prospecting email they’ve ever seen—courtesy of Curata’s Harry Hayward.

Given that it’s so common to receive boring emails from vendors and other conference attendees in the days and weeks before an event, a killer prospecting email can really set you apart and engage your audience.

Listen to the podcast below or keeping reading to get a breakdown of Harry Hayward’s prospecting email.

What stood out about Harry’s email? Almost everything. Here are the most noteworthy components of this fun and personal email:

  • Subject line: “Upcoming Info on the Marketo and Barketo Conference”
  • Harry name drops his dog—and links to his LinkedIn profile, which features a picture with his dog
  • He uses the word “Evah” followed by “We’re Boston-area company”
  • The email offers Cirque du Soliel tickets or a drone for the readers that set up a meeting
  • It ends with a bang—or, more specifically “Boom! Thoughts?”

Even though both Jon and Jeff knew off the bat that the email wasn’t personal, through the content of the email Harry showed he was a real person who cared about building relationships. The authenticity pouring out of the email was topped off by tying his LinkedIn profile into his prospecting strategy, which caused both Jeff and Jon to click through and learn more about him. All in all, Harry’s email helped to build an emotional connection with his audience by putting his personality forward in a vulnerable way.

While Harry may have broken some rules about how to communicate professionally online, the bottom line is that he was effective in breaking these rules and using his outside interests to connect with prospects on a personal level.

Listen to the Publish or Perish podcast now and start making your prospects laugh (and convert).

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