Press Releases: Creative, “New School” Ideas for Driving Results

Last week, Fathom’s own Stephanie Pflaum took part in a PR Newswire webinar that reviewed the evolution of the press release.  It also revealed “new school” creative uses for press releases, and discussed ways press releases have driven business results that matter.

Noted as the most popular PR Newswire webinar to date, there were close to 1200 attendees and at one point, the topic was even trending on Twitter!

Pflaum, an online marketing specialist, spoke on the subject of the “digital funnel” and the roles that press releases play in each stage – acquire, convert and nurture.












She used three case studies to prove the point that press releases, though sometimes viewed as an “old school” tactic, really do directly impact traffic, conversions and the likelihood that a visitor will convert.

For information about the specific tactics used to increase traffic and conversions through press releases, download Fathom’s entire presentation on Slideshare.

For a brief synopsis of each case study, please visit PRNewswire’s recap blog post.

A big thank you goes out to Sarah Skerik, VP of Content Marketing at PR Newswire, who moderated the event, as well as the other marketing professionals who took part – Anne Donohoe (Managing Director and Director of Public RelationsKCSA),  Beth Monaghan (Principal & Co-Founder, InkHouse Communications) and Jason Khoury ( Director of Communications,  Jive Software).

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