Personas: The Key to Knowing Your Audience – This Week in Creating Your Unfair Advantage

While personas might be fictional, the powerful impact they can have on your marketing is real. In this week’s episode of Creating Your Unfair Advantage, your hosts Jeff Leo Herrmann and Jon Pogact discuss why all marketers should create personas and how to create great personas. Helping you narrow in on and visualize your target audience, each persona should reflect the challenges, goals, and pain points of one of your demographic areas.

When creating personas, though, you have to be careful to avoid the trap of repeating work. Rather than regurgitate your audience research notes, you want to repackage them. Great personas will take impersonal statistics and data and apply them to an individual, allowing you, the marketer, to empathize on a more human level.

Why Should You Listen?

To learn why personas are necessary, how to create them, and the positive effect they will have on your marketing.

What Is Creating Your Unfair Advantage?

Creating Your Unfair Advantage is Fathom’s latest podcast, featuring our Chief Strategy Officer, Jeff Leo Herrmann and Director of Marketing, Jon Pogact. This podcast is aimed at transformational marketers who believe that marketing can be their company’s unfair advantage and that they, in turn, can be their organization’s unfair advantage.

Listening to Creating Your Unfair Advantage will give listeners a candid and personal approach on leveraging marketing strategies, programs, technologies, and channels that will allow them to punch above their weight. While all of this may lead to the success of organizations, it will also lead to a career advantage for those marketers helping their organizations to get to the next level.

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