Online Video Market Continues To Grow in the U.S

Recent media coverage from comScore, who bill themselves as “a global leader in measuring the digital world” and operate from disparate points around the globe such as America, Canada, Europe, Japan, India and Australia, indicate that the online video world is doing just fine and continues to grow nicely. Some of the stats comScore cites as evidence that Internet video continues to expand in reach and popularity include:

  • Average daily unique viewers of web video grew from 67.3 million in December of 2009 to 88.6 million in December of 2010
  • Average number of videos watched per viewer grew from 187 in December of 2009 to 201 in December of 2010
  • Viewers spent an average of 12.7 hours watching videos in December of 2009, but watched 14.2 hours in December of 2010

Fathom Online Marketing recognized long ago that the ease of creation & use, sharing & access, and worldwide audiences would make Internet video production a very hot marketing tool in the 21st century. We’re not sure if that makes us visionaries or mavericks, but we’re surely prepared to help our clients grow their business with Internet video production & marketing expertise for branding, product & service sales, and industry awareness in the Information Economy. Contact us today to learn more about what online video can do for your business.

And watch this video from comScore about the state of online video currently. You’ll be glad you did.

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