Online Shopping Goes the Distance with Internet Video

Before the advent of the Internet, most consumers’ awareness of video in the shopping process was limited to the knowledge that they were under video surveillance in department stores. Big Brother was watching, and he wanted you to buy, not steal, the wares being offered. Today, with the consistent growth of web video, the poles have reversed and it’s the customer doing most of the watching – product videos that generate considerable increases in sales and consumer interest via retail websites.

A recent whitepaper released by Adobe Scene7 mirrors a 2009 post from – both trumpeting the value of Internet video for retailers and consumers alike as potent sales conversion and consumer education/motivation tools.

From the Retail vantage point, the typical response from retailers on the efficacy of Internet video, as reported in the Adobe7 whitepaper, was, “the products on which I post videos significantly outperform other products.” Rico Nasol of echoes that sentiment in the blog post, where the content team senior manager declared that Zappos sells from 6% to 30% more merchandise when a product description video accompanies website content. Nasol goes on to explain that Zappos intends to have 50,000 product videos in place on its website by the end of 2010!

From the consumer perspective, it’s easy to understand video’s value. The success of shopping channels such as QVC is being translated onto the Internet, where product demos and more detailed information on merchandise help to assuage consumer fears and convince them of the integrity and value of products – most often without leaving their homes.

As Internet video continues to grow and flourish in its uses and applications, consider Fathom and our Internet video marketing program – Instant Replay – for the marketing of your trusted brands and products. Your competitors are doing it – shouldn’t you?

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