OhioHealth Paid Search Webinar: the Top 6 Takeaways

Even if you missed our December 8th, 2016 healthcare webinar with OhioHealth and Google, you probably already know that healthcare paid search is complicated. What you might not know if you missed the webinar, though, is that it is worth it.

Last week, I recapped the webinar, including the basic topics covered and experts featured. In this blog, you’ll gain critical tips from the webinar that you can apply to your paid search campaigns for swift improvement.

Keep reading to get the top webinar takeaways–ranging from the importance of mobile to team management tips to paid search campaign structure–and learn how these well-kept paid search secrets will boost your healthcare marketing success.

  • 1. Mobile is essential for health systems to improve their nationwide and local digital presence

When it comes to the rising importance of mobile, healthcare marketing is no different than other marketing spaces. Staying ahead of the mobile curve is essential. This remains true despite the fact that many healthcare marketers believe that mobile is not important to their efforts. OhioHealth knows the importance of mobile, though, as 63% of the volume for OhioHealth’s search terms comes from Mobile. Additionally, Jamie Blomquist of Google reported in the webinar that 88% of ‘near me’ searches, such as ‘Urgent care near me’, come from mobile.

The moral of the story is this — your potential patients are researching solutions to their health concerns on mobile, and they’re likely looking for solutions that are easily accessible. Beef up your mobile presence and your local presence to take advantage of this traffic.

Internal Google Data from Google.com Searches

Internal Google Data from Google.com Searches

  • 2. Managing digital marketing at a healthcare system presents unique challenges

Managing a digital marketing team and strategy at a healthcare system offers more complexity than the average marketing team. Due to the sensitivity of healthcare laws and processes, approving any marketing actions or assets requires gaining the approval of multiple stakeholders. Even then, you’ll have to work to determine who has final ownership and push that person, or group or persons, for approval in a timely manner, even when they have pressing organizational situations on hand.

In sum, healthcare marketing requires a collaborative approach, but this can be hard to achieve. Keeping reading for our top takeaways of the solutions.

  • 3. There are challenges, but there are also solutions

Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to healthcare marketing. Accordingly, the quickest and most effective way to heal the aforementioned issues in healthcare marketing is by educating your various stakeholders of the importance of your work as well as how your work is done. Chances are, the stakeholders that don’t spend a lot of time in marketing are simply unaware of the role that marketing plays in advancing their institution.

Additionally,  start conduct onboarding meetings with all of your digital managers to align goals and set priorities. At this point, you’ll have everyone on the same page. Round it all out with regular, thorough reviews of key projects and results with both stakeholders and team members to keep everyone aligned for the long haul.

  • 4. Mistakes commonly arise from lack of organizational alignment and lack of industry knowledge

Healthcare is a complex industry, no matter which part of it you work in. As a healthcare marketer, you have to have a finger on the pulse of the industry as well as a depth of knowledge as to how your own institution functions. For example, considering where your patients are most likely to be located is an important strategy piece that only those knowledgeable of the healthcare industry will be aware of.

When it comes to location targeting, some marketers might understand that the top percentage of patients aren’t going to come from across the country. It’d take a healthcare expert, though, to know exactly where they will come from. And this is just one of many examples regarding the importance of healthcare expertise.

  • 5. Mastering healthcare paid search is a long road (and there are no shortcuts), but there are quick wins

Even though you can’t really take short cuts, there are ways to make low-effort changes that will quickly show results. Bonus: the success you gain from these quick wins will increase buy-in and budget from the C-suite.

If it sounds too good to be true — it’s not! Below is a list of quick win tactics you can implement ASAP for significant increases in your healthcare paid search performance:

  • Prioritize location targeting based on where majority of your patients come from
  • Restructure your budget allocation focusing on network
  • Utilize precise time targeting (for example, target office hours only instead of serving ads all day)
  • Employ negative keywords strategically
  • Take advantage of ad extensions to enhance ads

For more details on implementing these tactics, watch our webinar.

  • 6. Simplicity is key – Use Direct Path

Healthcare paid search is complex, but we’ve established that a few times already. Luckily, your strategy doesn’t have to be. Enter: Direct Path. Direct Path is Fathom’s unique approach to paid search strategy, which emphasizes a simplified keyword structure along with the agile and purposeful use of negative keywords. An additional benefit–aside from peace of mind–is an increase in clean, clear data that can be used to make smart strategy choices.

These numbers, which detail OhioHealth’s experience with the Direct Path method, speak for themselves:

  • Click-Through Rate increased 63%
  • Avg. Position improved by 25% since January 2016
  • Conversion Rate increased 600+% and Conversions increased 500+% since January 2016

We know it’s easy to get overwhelmed when it comes to healthcare marketing. The 6 takeaways above are more than just talking points, though. They are a road map to overcoming the challenges that healthcare paid search presents to so many marketers. If you follow our roadmap, you’ll navigate these obstacles with ease.


Want more details? Learn from experts who understand the unique challenges of running healthcare paid search campaigns by watching the webinar today.

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