OEM Marketing Trends: The Next Generation of Email Marketing

Email marketing is integral to a successful manufacturing marketing strategy. To date, email marketing has required an email list, though. Unfortunately, this model of email marketing suffers from two key limitations: list size and list quality. If either is an issue, budget is required to correct it. But what if this wasn’t the case? What if your manufacturing business could perform email marketing without using email lists?

With Gmail Sponsored Promotions, you can do just that. GSP is an entirely new advertising option in Google AdWords and is currently in beta. It allows industrial marketers to perform email marketing through the Gmail platform without the need for any email lists!

Rather than targeting by email address, GSP targets contextually by …

1. Specific Keywords

Target users if specified keywords show up within any of the last 300 messages of the user’s inbox. This allows advertisers to show email advertisements to people who are already talking about relevant products and/or services. So, you can target qualified leads that are already interested in the products and services that your manufacturing company offers.

2. Specific Email Domains

Target users receiving emails from specified domains if the email from that domain appears in the last 300 messages of the user’s inbox. This allows advertisers to take advantage of any existing email audiences from industry publications or competitors. If you know your audience follows certain OEM publications, take advantage of this opportunity and tailor your advertisement to appeal to them.

3. Specific Interests

Target users based on pre-designated interests assigned by Google based on Google’s knowledge of each users’ historic search and web browsing behavior. This allows advertisers to reach users who have relevant interests that aren’t visible in the last 300 messages of their inbox. If having well-developed personas is a part of your industrial marketing strategy, identify the interests of your ideal clients should be straightforward.

These advanced contextual targeting features not only give OEM marketers the ability to reach the largest relevant audience possible, but also completely eliminates the limitations of email lists.

The ‘next generation of email marketing’ is here! Expect to see other email providers follow suit in coming years. Programs like Gmail Sponsored Promotions will be particularly impactful to companies in the industrial and manufacturing sectors where email lists are extremely valuable and come at a premium. Even so, any company utilizing email marketing could benefit from jumping on board now before markets become saturated.

Email marketing is a must for OEM marketing. Learn more about this topic with our blog on Marketing Automation Tips for Manufacturers.


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