Nurturing Across the Student Life Cycle: A Guide for Higher-Ed Marketers

1 in 4 prospects researching schools look for information only on the Web.

Imagine being able to predict which prospects will turn into enrollments or drop off within 30 days. Then consider being able to have this power while lowering the cost per enrollment to 1/6 that of the usual channels.

Do your marketing and admissions departments struggle with finding new, cost-effective ways to recruit and retain students? At the same time, are alumni programs and institutional advancement treading water?

If so, check out our new guide for higher-ed marketers and discover how to earn $26 for every $1 as you:

  • Recruit students with high impact
  • Reduce their discount rates
  • Retain students
  • Engage alumni and promote advancement

Download Fathom’s new comprehensive guide: 

Nurturing Across the Student Life Cycle

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