Non-Profits Discover Internet Video Marketing Value

A recent front-page article in the Cleveland Plain Dealer (Monday June 21, 2010) touted the power and reach of Internet video for non-profit organizations as these agencies struggle to stay afloat in troubled financial waters. With dwindling donations in tough economic times and volunteerism down, agencies are discovering that videos for their websites and distribution across the Internet are an excellent resource – capable of providing compelling examples of WHY a non-profit needs volunteers or donations and WHAT that volunteerism or financial contribution can do for the agency and its target audience.

We couldn’t agree more. Web videos – capable of providing facility and program tours, interviews with participants and staff, and solid video footage that leaves little to the imagination of viewers as to the efficacy and needs of non-profits, are powerful and convincing marketing and fund-raising tools that educate and inform, inspire and motivate viewing audiences. Allow Fathom to show your firm how to leverage Internet video marketing in order to get the membership and donations you need to make a difference in the world. Call us today at the number at the bottom of the page, or examine our website for more information & details on our Instant Replay video program.

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