New Stats on Coupon-Hungry Women Should Excite B2C Web Businesses

Why do coupon-hungry women matter to your B2C web business?

The obvious answer: They’re online, and they’re looking to buy now (and potentially save money, or at least feel like they’ve saved money).

Why should you, the B2C web business owner/marketing manager, be excited?

Because of some new stats from Eversave—a daily-deal site—on women’s online shopping habits:

  • 93% use coupons or promo codes (click adjacent link for SEO promo-code secrets)
  • 83% use “daily deal” sites (e.g. EversaveCouponSurferBuyWithMe)
  • 66% have felt guilty about a purchase due to price
  • 30% have hidden a purchase in the trunk of their car “until they can  sneak it into the house undetected”

(I can think of other good hiding places, but if I posted them here I’d be compromised.)

These survey results were published in a recent edition of the Wall Street Journal’s “Your Money Matters” podcast (June 14, 2:54-3:24). The implications are clear: you want to assuage coupon-hungry women’s guilt about their free-spending ways by offering online coupons and other incentives for their business. You also want to make sure you’re represented properly in heavily trafficked deal places.

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