New Publication: 7 Essential Vendor Strategies for Crushing Amazon Revenue

Catching the attention of online shoppers can be difficult. Thankfully there’s Amazon to make e-commerce easy, right?

Unfortunately, navigating e-commerce on Amazon can feel about as effortless as navigating the Amazon rainforest itself.

Finding success on Amazon is possible, though–it just depends on the effort and precision you choose to approach your Amazon e-commerce strategy with. In fact, while many retail marketers are accustomed to having well-defined SEO and paid media strategies complete with adequate resources, Amazon strategies often are less of a priority.

With a strong strategy, though, you could increase your Amazon sales by 650%.

If you haven’t started properly investing in Amazon for your e-commerce efforts, fear not. Our latest publication 7 Essential Vendor Strategies for Crushing Amazon Revenue can bring you up to speed.

In this white paper, you will learn these 7 vital Amazon strategies:

  1. Identify & Mitigate Third Party Seller Listings
  2. Clean Up Listing Variations to be Clear & Accurate
  3. Increase Discoverability by Implementing a Keyword Strategy
  4. Obtain Quality Reviews via Amazon Vine
  5. Add & Optimize A+ Pages
  6. Leverage Lightning Deals
  7. Keep Promoting with Sponsored Product Ads

On top of this, you’ll find out how each one of these tactics will drive traffic, enhance customer experience, and, ultimately, increase sales. This guide also included tips and strategies straight from Amazon itself. Plus, you’ll gain access to an exclusive case study detailing the strategy of a top 100 shoe vendor, which increased revenue by 650% in six months with this 7 step Amazon strategy.

So, is investing in Amazon worth it? We’d say so. On top of a potential 650% increase in sales, a 2015 BloomReach survey found that 44% of U.S. consumers bypass the Web and immediately visit Amazon to search for products. That’s more than Google, Bing and Yahoo! combined (34%).

With more than 300 million active online customers, your consumer base is looking for your products on Amazon. Be sure they find you.

You can play a direct role in your Amazon success. Get started with 7 Essential Strategies for Crushing Amazon Revenue.


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