New Free Healthcare White Paper Available for Download

I don’t ordinarily use this space for log-rolling, but today is an exception, so please forgive me. For anyone who works in the healthcare industry, we have a new white paper to show you … or your boss … or your marketing director, if she’s not your boss. Grab the free 11-pg. download (PDF)—”OMD! Is it Time To Call the Online Marketing Doctor?“— if you work for any of the following types of organizations:

  • a hospital
  • a mental health/substance abuse center
  • a medical laboratory
  • a nursing care facility
  • a medical e-commerce site
  • a non-profit/patient advocacy association

What’s in this white paper, you ask?
1) Numerous stats on healthcare consumer Internet usage, including social media engagement and video viewership. 2) Case studies of Fathom healthcare clients who’ve seen great success. 3) Questions to ask an Internet marketing firm about both healthcare-industry expertise and its own operations. 4) And the case for why YOUR healthcare organization needs quality online marketing.

Here’s the link again: “OMD! Is it Time To Call the Online Marketing Doctor?

Hope you enjoy!


Executive survey: Learn what NE Ohio’s healthcare decision-makers say about using social media for marketing in Fathom’s executive survey.

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