New Digital Trend: Account-Based Marketing – What B2B Companies Need to Know

Just last week, DemandBase (a San Francisco-based B2B marketing software company) announced that they received $30 million in additional funding by Sageview Capital. To some, this may not sound newsworthy – another San Francisco software company getting funded, big deal!

But to B2B marketers, this IS a big deal. This means Account-Based marketing (a little-known concept last year at this time) is picking up steam. Below is Google Trends chart that validates this statement. Despite the fact that the term ABM (account-based marketing) was coined back in 2004 by ITSMA, the phrase itself really hasn’t taken off until recently due to the increased sophistication around ABM offerings by both inbound marketing platforms and agencies. In simplest form, account-based marketing is a strategic approach to communicating with prospects or organizations as a market of one. It’s basically personalized messaging and communications, taken to the next level thanks to platforms like DemandBase, which enable marketers to drive segmentation down to granular levels never possible before.


To those who haven’t heard the term account-based marketing before, it’s time to get informed and take action – this is your chance to be ahead of the curve (and most likely your competitors). The list below includes some of the most powerful tools in this space, as well as strategies and tactics that our experts at Fathom recommend you explore should you decide to move forward with an Account-Based marketing approach.

How to Get Started with Account-Based Marketing:

Determine Your Strategy: An easy way to get started with a digital strategy for targeting very specific accounts is to define your segmentation plan. Many companies start out targeting accounts in one of three ways – by interest, intent or IP. Oracle writes in detail about these options in this fantastic blog post titled “How Content Data Inputs and Programmatic Technology Are Changing Account-Based Marketing”.

marketo_infoChoose Your Marketing Automation Platform: Marketing automation platforms like Pardot or Marketo offer powerful features such as identifying anonymous visitors on a website and even serving dynamic content in real-time based on unique characteristics of a visitor. Marketo’s infographic explains in more detail the basics of Account Based Marketing and the marketing automation features that enable such a strategy to be effective

Choose Your Display Platform(s):  Though this blog began by mentioning DemandBase, there are numerous display players in the space who can help you find and target specific contacts within your well-defined account lists. Software companies like DemandBase and Quantcast operate by automating three processes: identifying prospects with strong purchasing intentions, personalizing the message delivered to potential buyers, and notifying sales reps when it’s time to act. Adroll takes more of a retargeting approach to getting in front of your ideal customers, but is much more specific / tailored than the traditional remarketing available in Google Adwords. For more info about any one of these services, we’d suggest scheduling a demo or contacting a Fathom expert to walk you through the steps that would be involved in signing up with such a platform.

Engage the Help of Prospecting Tools: Prospecting tools like and ZoomInfo are a great way to find contact information for those within the organizations that you are trying to target. Some tools even allow marketers to append contact information with additional fields (such as company size, title, or other questions that may not have been asked within the initial form) within their marketing automation platforms to allow for easier and smarter segmentation.

Talk to Experts: Lastly, if any of these steps sounds intimidating or like too much for your team to handle alone, feel free to contact any of Fathom’s digital marketing professionals. Regardless of whether you’re a client or not, we’d be happy to talk to you about your Account Based Marketing goals to see if there are any areas we may be able to assist with. At very least, we’d be happy to complete a free Channel & Competitive assessment to help you figure out where to start. Contact us if you’re interested or if you simply would like to chat with one of our ABM experts!


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