Marketing Nation Preview: What Your Momma Never Told You About Marketing Operations

When I think back on what inspired me to become a marketer, I’m fairly certain the term “Operations” held no sway. The only way the word “operations” has ever sounded cool is if you truncate it down to its monosyllabic form: Ops.

Suffice it to say, I’m shocked that I’ll be presenting a session at Marketo Summit 2017 on the topic of Marketing Operations. Marketers – trendy sort that we are – have colloquially abbreviated this concept as MOPs, and I think the convenient comparison to the household cleaning implement doubles as the perfect metaphor. MOPs professionals live to keep data clean, construct processes that drive the business forward, and prove the value of marketing’s contribution to the sales process.

Given that I came up on the more creative side of marketing and learned MOPs in a live-fire scenario, there’s been a lot of tips, tricks, and observations I’ve made along the way. Adding fuel to the fire, when I joined Fathom about a year ago, I was a little shocked that the same object lessons I had previously witnessed in the MOPs world weren’t commonly held knowledge.

So, when the call for Summit sessions came out, I knew I wanted to submit one around sharing those best practices and giving Summit attendees like you (if you haven’t registered yet, use promo code “Nation300” to receive $300 off registration) a couple concrete action items you can address as soon as you return home from the conference. Below you’ll find a brief preview of what you can expect to hear about at my Marketing Nation session, and hopefully help you decide that you’d like to learn more!

Not one to let a prime opportunity for a pun to pass me by, I’ve devised 5 key ways to “get a handle on MOPs” (See what I did there? #dadjokes). I’ll dive into them in greater detail during my presentation, but the key elements of this presentation are as follows:

1.      Revenue Cycle Model (RCM) Architecture and Management

Revenue Cycle Models, Buyer’s Journey, Lead Lifecycle models…Whatever you want to call them, these fancy little drawings form the backbone from whence all (marketing) blessings flow. They let you track not only position but also velocity through the funnel. I’ll spend a little time reviewing the best practice approach to designing an RCM for your business, showcase a living, breathing RCM I’ve recently deployed, and give you a few cool tricks for setting up and managing your model like a true MOPs pro.

2.      Funnel-Based Reporting

So, you’ve got an MQL. Now what?

If the RCM is the backbone, then the reporting you can derive from it is the muscle. I’m going to briefly overview some of the best reports you can pull right out of the box after deploying a new RCM to help you ask and answer better questions about Marketing’s influence on revenue.

3.      Sales & Marketing Alignment

As far as MOPs are concerned, this is the crux of the issue: how do two departments that couldn’t be more diametrically opposed work together? To put it another way, Sales and Marketing in many organizations have had a cobra/mongoose relationship. Helping your leads make a smooth transition from marketing to sales takes a bit of finesse and cooperation, so I’ll share a few anecdotes about what’s worked and how to get Sales on your side so that your data supports the story of Marketing’s influence on revenue.

4.      Enhanced Lead Qualification

Lead scoring is a fantastic tool, but it isn’t the be-all, end-all when it comes to lead qualification. I’ll share a couple subtle improvements you can make to your model to help convert your sales team into true believers in the lead qualification process.

5.      Advanced Integrations & Workflows

The greatest thing about marketing automation—and Marketo, specifically—is that if you can draw it on a whiteboard, you can make it functional in your instance. I’ll spend a little time here sharing some advanced tricks and hacks you can bring into your instance as soon as you return home from Summit.

So Why Should I Attend This Session?

Look, I don’t know what your momma told you about MOPs, but this is going to be some real talk for MOPs experts at all levels. If you have no idea what an RCM is or just want to learn more about how other marketers have gotten sales to buy into their role in the Lead Lifecycle, this session is for you.

The session will be held on Tuesday, April 25th @ 3:30 pm PST. If you haven’t registered for 2017 Marketing Nation Summit yet, use promo code “Nation300” to receive $300 off registration.


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