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As a concept, Account Based Marketing is nothing new. With new technology applications to bring this strategy to life, though, the buzz for Account Based Marketing has been growing. So, it’s no surprise that Marketo—the leading provider of engagement marketing software and solutions—released its own ABM module in September of 2016.

Additionally, Marketo formed the Alliance for ABM success, a group of ABM experts and Marketo partners dedicated to helping you find Account Based Marketing success whether it’s with Marketo’s tools or not.

At this year’s summit, the Alliance for ABM Success will be hosting their own booth, and Fathom’s Brent Evans willbe there to answer your Account Based Marketing questions. Keep reading for an exclusive interview with Brent that discusses everything from how to make the most of Marketing Nation to the future of Account Based Marketing.

Victoria Grieshammer: What are you most excited about for Marketing Nation?

Brent Evans will be at the Marketo sponsored Alliance for ABM Success booth at Marketing Nation.

Brent Evans will be at the Marketo sponsored Alliance for ABM Success booth at Marketing Nation.

Brent Evans: Much like Fathom—where I get to go to work with experts everyday—I’m excited about learning and growing as well as meeting other individuals with a passion for marketing and marketing automation. I’m also excited to hear about common issues marketing automation experts are facing, as well as hearing the cool things they’re doing to solve them and innovative new marketing strategy and execution ideas.

VG: What are your tips for getting the most out of Marketing Nation?

BE: The most important thing is to go with an open mind and good pair of shoes. There are so many good ideas at Summit, you’ll be running back and forth between all the different sessions and booths. Also, don’t have too much fun at the gala.

VG: Can you give me a little bit of background about the booth you’ll be manning at Marketing Nation? Where can we find you and who else will be there?

BE: The booth is hosted by the Alliance for ABM Success and you can find it next to the central Marketo booth by the ABM station. Along with myself, you’ll find ABM experts from other Marketo partners, including Perkuto, DigitalPi, Elixiter, and LeadMD.

VG: Who should stop by the Alliance for ABM Success booth?

BE: Anyone interested in Account Based Marketing as a concept, interested in the technology used to execute Account Based Marketing, and anyone who wants to talk about Account Based Marketing or marketing. Basically, almost everyone at Summit!

VG: What can be gained by stopping by the booth?

BE: We’re hoping that booth visitors walk away with a better understanding of how Account Based Marketing can achieve their business and marketing objectives as well as a better understanding of how to utilize the Account Based Marketing tools out there.

VG: What’s the ultimate goal of the booth?

BE: At the Alliance for ABM Success, our goal is to crack the Account Based Marketing nut. The concept of Account Based Marketing has been around for some time—especially on the sales side—and we’ve been hearing about target lists of accounts for some time. ABM offers an opportunity for marketing to help penetrate these accounts and for sales and marketing to work together on business goals. Personally, I’m excited about ABM because of the way that it tests, strengthens, and relies on sales and marketing alignment. There’s been buzz around Account Based Marketing for a while, but we’re just now starting to be able to do cool stuff with it. Hopefully those that stop by the booth can get a taste of that.

VG: What are you most excited about in terms of manning the booth?

BE: I’m excited to meeting new people—to be challenged by their ideas, help give them new ideas, and, ultimately, step outside of my comfort zone. I want to learn from all of the great people that stop by, and collectively share new ideas around marketing.

VG: Now for the big picture question…What do you see as the future of ABM? What role will it play in marketing moving forward?

BE: One thing is for sure; Account Based Marketing isn’t going away. As a strategic methodology, it might not be widely adopted because of all the elements it requires (such as prospecting lists). But, for the right organizations, ABM makes a lot of sense. As marketing technology advances, though, there will be easier and more effective ways to achieve Account Based Marketing success and to continue to improve sales and marketing alignment. In fact, as we move forward, I could even foresee sales and marketing being able to use one platform for their combined efforts.

Want to learn more about Account Based Marketing? Stop by the Alliance for ABM Success Booth at Marketing Nation Summit April 23rd to April 26th!  Brent will be at the booth during the following times:

Monday, April 24th:11:00 am – 1:00 pm

Tuesday, April 25th: 4:30 pm – 6:00 pm


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