Marketing Manufacturing: Increase ROI with Call Tracking

Call tracking is a tool used to capture phone calls from digital marketing efforts, including paid search. What most digital marketers do not realize, though, is that data from call tracking can give valuable insights into the needs and behaviors of a client’s market. Most call tracking software allows users to listen to the phone calls, which is powerful in understanding how our clients interact with their customer base. Below is an example of how call tracking was implemented and optimized to increase my client’s paid search ROI.

Marketing Manufacturing with Call Tracking: The Opportunity

A client that I work with noticed that they were seeing a large volume of form submissions online, but lacked lead volume coming from phone calls. Most often, especially for manufacturing companies, potential prospects will want to speak to a sales representative that can provide them specific information for a product that may have a long sales process. Based on this analysis, we believed it was time to implement call extensions on my client’s paid search ads.

Marketing Manufacturing with Call Tracking: Listening and Learning

The first month call tracking was active, we saw call volume increase, which was extremely encouraging. I was not only able to listen to the needs of the customers, but I also was able to listen to the specific language they used when describing what they wanted from my client. One problem we encountered, though, was that a large amount of the calls were coming from traffic that believed they were calling my client’s competitors. Apparently my client’s ads were showing up in competitor searches that offered closely related products. Not only was ad spend being wasted, but so was the time of my client’s sales representatives.

Marketing Manufacturing with Call Tracking: Increasing Return on Investment

Listening to these prospects gave me an idea of keywords, phrases, and themes that I could create paid search campaigns around in order attract a larger, more converting audience. As far as irrelevant competitor traffic was concerned, I was able to isolate keywords that were showing my client’s ads in competitors’ searches and remove those call extensions. As a result, not only did irrelevant competitor traffic decrease substantially, but the return on media investment nearly tripled for paid search phone calls from month to month.

Call tracking presents an incredible opportunity to listen to your customer base and make changes to ensure the most relevant traffic is reaching your sales representatives. It is key to continually listen to customers’ needs and plan your digital marketing strategy accordingly.


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