Marketing Automation for Higher Education – Get the Most from Your Email Marketing

More and more marketing departments at colleges and universities are adopting marketing automation as a part of their digital marketing strategy. Is it time for you to do the same? Below are some factors to consider when evaluating the case for investing in a marketing automation solution:

Reaching More Prospects with Relevant, Timely Information

In every admissions department, the volume of leads vastly outnumbers your marketing and admissions staff. If you’re still relying on pulling a list, crafting a new email, building out the send, finding the right suppression list, and sending in a manual fashion for every email communication, it will be impossible for your staff to keep up with the volume and timeliness of a marketing department that is utilizing a marketing automation platform.

Marketing automation allows you to set up all your email campaigns in advance, and send them to prospects based on their profile characteristics, current status, and their behavior. In this way, you can make each prospect feel like you are sending them personalized emails when they reach certain milestones, without having to lift a finger.

Simplifying Your Reporting

Many college marketing departments that don’t utilize marketing automation may not even be looking at their email statistics, especially if those statistics live in different platforms for different audiences. Marketing automation pulls all of your contacts into a single platform, and gives you the ability to see how certain groups or certain individuals have responded to multiple campaigns over a defined period of time. In addition, the same reports can be run again and again, meaning that once you set up the reporting that you want, it’s a breeze to pull your numbers and analyze the performance of your campaigns, no matter who is doing the sending or which audience they are sending to.

Give Your Enrollment Reps Better Information

When your enrollment reps are on the phone with a prospect, how much do they really know about what this person is interested in? By leveraging all the data collected by your marketing automation platform, you can give your enrollment staff powerful insights into the needs of prospective students. Answer questions like, “did they open any of our emails in the last 6 months?”, “what links did they click on?”, or, “what material have they viewed/downloaded from our website?” By knowing this information instantly, enrollment reps can have a more meaningful and impactful conversation with prospective students, and help them further down the path to submitting an application, putting down a deposit, and enrolling.

Get a Handle on Your Email Marketing Calendar

Having trouble keeping track of who is getting what email, and when? Most marketing automation platforms offer a master calendar to keep track of all the emails going out to your various audiences. And for automated messages, marketing automation gives you the ability to set rules limiting the number of emails any one person or audience can receive in a certain period of time. You may never have to ask “are we sending too many emails?” again!

Stay Top of Mind and Reengage Older Leads

Choosing the right school can take many months, or years for some students. How do you keep your school at the top of their list throughout the entire decision-making process? By sending useful information that is based on a student’s profile and actions (or lack thereof), marketing automation can keep you top of mind and help you to be a useful resource to prospective students as they each take a unique path to making their decisions.

If you’re looking to communicate more effectively with prospective students, without hiring more people or overworking your current staff, marketing automation may be the answer. Interested in learning more? Contact a Fathom EDU expert today to discuss your options in-depth.

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  • Ramona says:

    Some live with the impression that it is easy to do marketing automation. But it is very important the company you decide to work with, because not all of them have a good client care and they don`t help you exploit the data collected. I tried several softwares, some let me down, some I thought were useful. For exemple, with I had a very good collaboration

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