Manufacturing Marketing Ideas: From Brand Awareness to Brand Publishing

In an industry ruled by specs and regulations that require your products to ‘fit in’, it can be difficult to come up with manufacturing marketing ideas to help your company stand out. If you remember anything from this article, remember this; continuing to do what you’ve done for the past 10 years will not accomplish this. Of course, that’s easy to understand in theory but oftentimes difficult to put into action once you’re attempting to break the status quo of traditional marketing efforts.

While your manufacturing products may need to be limited in terms of creativity, your manufacturing company’s brand has literally limitless opportunities for originality and reinvention. I’m likely preaching to the choir here, though, considering that 89% of manufacturers reported brand awareness as the most important goal of content marketing in Content Marketing Institute’s 2015 Manufacturing Marketing Report.

In this same report, 76% of manufacturers reported that their content marketing initiatives were not effective. So, it’s safe to say that this number one goal of brand awareness is likely not being hit. Does this mean that brand awareness is the Fountain of Youth for manufacturers—long sought & desired but never found? Absolutely not.

Many manufacturing companies have seen exceptional results from brand awareness efforts such as brand publishing. Luckily, I was able to chat with one such manufacturing marketer when I interviewed Craig Coffey, U.S. Marketing Communications Manager at Lincoln Electric, for The Manufacturing Advocacy and Growth Network’s (MAGNET) upcoming [M]Power event.

Below, you’ll find my top brand awareness & brand publishing takeaways from my conversation with Craig Coffey to help you stir up your own manufacturing marketing ideas.

  1. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes—and solve their problems through a compelling story.Manufacturing Marketing Ideas
  2. Stand out in any way you can. Is it the diverse and unexpected way that your products can be used? Or is it your silly company holiday pictures? Whatever ‘it’ is, use it to show why you’re different.
  3. Challenge your current marketing processes. If you feel your marketing efforts are outdated, speak up about it and be clear that it’s hurting your ultimate goals.
  4. Accept that large, unfamiliar endeavors like brand publishing make take a little extra convincing. Then rise to the occasion. Coffey explained that his department founded ARC Magazine on top of all of the work they normally did.
  5. Don’t let the quest for ROI keep you from trying something new. Of course, everyone wants to know if they’re spending their money wisely. Just remember that sticking with outdated tactics will almost never lead to increased success.

Interested in learning more about how to successfully implement brand publishing at your manufacturing company? Read Fathom’s manufacturing marketing publication The MFG Standard to spark new manufacturing marketing ideas.

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