Loving Google’s New Mobile Algorithm Update

Google Webmasters BlogBack in April of this year (2015), Google put in place their new Mobile Search algorithm. This update was designed to enhance the use of searching Google on mobile devices, and provide a better user experience (UX). Google started declaring webpages as being “mobile-friendly” or not, and began the process of downgrading pages deemed non-mobile-friendly.


However, one experience of mobile searching didn’t change, and that’s the one that drove me nuts. I simply hate searching on my phone, clicking on a result and going to a page that states I should install the website’s mobile app, rather than sending me to the actual page I wanted. Everyone has experienced this at one point or another, and it’s very frustrating. Now, Google is finally addressing this particular issue.

About a month ago, Google mentioned they would eventually downgrade webpages that used this type of interstitial page, prompting users to download mobile apps. Now, that update is a reality. Google announced on November 2, 2015, that this major update has been implemented to their Mobile Search algorithm.

Google states, “Starting today, pages with an app install interstitial that hide a significant amount of content on the transition from the search result page won’t be considered mobile-friendly.” In my opinion, this is a long-awaited improvement.

Of course, Google also hopes to sell more AdWords “App Extension” campaigns, designed to promote the downloading of mobile apps. So, this mobile search algorithm update will certainly help improve Googles profits. However, from a simple user experience (UX) point of view… I Love It.

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