Lead Scoring is Set Up and You’re Done. Not So Fast!

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You’ve spent hours collecting data, hosting meetings to align marketing and sales, and ultimately perfecting your lead scoring. Or so you thought. You satisfactorily stretch your arms and smile just before crossing lead scoring off of your Marketo to do list. Just as the Titanic was unsinkable, your lead scoring model is complete, right? The work has really just begun!

When one commits so thoroughly to creating perfect lead scoring, it may seem as if the system must be foolproof. However, that’s far from the truth.

Lead scoring requires much more TLC. If it’s properly set up, your sales team is put in contact with people who are ready to buy. Deals will be closing easily because those individuals who have been nurtured have much more knowledge about your company. However, once they start getting passed leads who aren’t ready to buy, it’s time to revisit. The next question becomes, “What’s not right?”

That’s when sales and marketing alignment becomes imperative. Sales can easily become frustrated and stop calling on all leads, even those who are qualified, after a few leads are complete misses. But diagnosing where your lead scoring has gone wrong can be especially challenging. Why are they getting the wrong people? Who are the wrong people?

Several things can contribute to improper lead scoring, including:

  • Lead scores are too low to be SQLs.
  • Titles or demographics may become irrelevant if they don’t accurately represent hot leads.
  • Behavior scoring may not represent a lead that is ready to buy.
  • Disagreement on what behavior and demographics accurately represent a qualified lead.
  • Lack of scoring decay to weed out cold leads.
  • Focusing on your ideal customer and job titles (i.e. CEO) rather than those leads you will actually reach (i.e. Marketing Manager).

Your sales and marketing teams don’t have to be out of sync to experience frustrations with Marketo. Sales is getting alerts and calling on leads that are nowhere near ready to buy. So they stop calling. Marketing is frustrated because they swear that their lead scoring is set up properly.

The best solution is constant evaluation and adjustments. Lead scoring should be in a constant cycle of evaluation and tweaking. There are even times when a lead scoring model needs to be entirely reconstructed. Open communication between sales and marketing is imperative to find the cause and ultimately resolve it. When properly set up, the results are more than worth it. Your sales team is more efficient and leads are correctly categorized.

The moral of the story: Lead scoring is a continual process, not a task!

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