Internet Video Will Get Your Marketing Campaign In-Shape!

Professional personal trainer Carl Juneau put the theory of video-as-a-conversion-tool to the test with a series of A/B or “split” test scenarios on his website (  Juneau had heard that his competitor was getting more sales thanks to the use of video on his website, so Juneau decided to try it himself. He even included a control agent in each test that did NOT feature video as an option, just to be fair and impartial. What did he find? In each of the A/B test scenarios conducted on his website, viewers ‘clicked-through’ to the next step in the sales process at a higher frequency when a video option was involved. In one of the tests,  the click-through rate was increased by 46%.

This makes sense, as Internet video marketing saves a viewer time compared to reading lengthy website content, is often more entertaining,  involves more of the senses and is a more holistic learning tool. You can read about  Juneau’s exercise in video marketing here in more detail, sponsored by Visual Website Optimizer.

We continue to tout the exceptional advantages of Internet video marketing as a way of advertising your company’s products & services on the Web. Afterall, Internet videos are inexpensive, appeal to all generations of viewers, and basically give your website ‘wings’ since the videos can be seen on YouTube and other video portals as well as on your website in strategically placed locations. We’d like you to think about Juneau’s findings….Internet video marketing is definitely not an exercise in futility!

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