Innovative Companies Fuel the Evolution of Manufacturing

On February 20th, Fathom had the pleasure of attending the 2014 Evolution of Manufacturing Conference in Cleveland, Ohio. Manufacturers, service providers, and educators from all over the Northeast Ohio area met to discuss the convergence of manufacturing and IT.

The event, hosted by Smart Business, was focused on the state of the manufacturing industry. The industry is in constant evolution, more so than almost any other industry out there today (other than the tech industry itself!). So, as this evolution occurs, many of the industry’s best and brightest were in attendance. Technology is running through all sectors of business, from healthcare to manufacturing, and you can bet technology plays a pivotal role in how a business maintains its competitive advantage.

As Craig McAtee, Executive Director at the National Coalition of Advanced Technology Centers has says, “Over the past three to four decades, we have been losing our edge in the global manufacturing world to several other countries. It’s really all about innovation/product ideation that seeds manufacturing (and making stuff) and entrepreneurism.” At Fathom, we agree.

The awards ceremony honored the most progressive and technologically advanced manufacturing firms in the area.  The honorees included great companies in the region like Air Enterprises, Magnus International Group, and Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing (RP+M). The conference portion of the event included topics ranging from additive manufacturing to discussions about digital operations and supply chain management software, the turnout was fantastic.

Fathom represented the growing field of digital marketing and analytics reporting with several members of our manufacturing team including, Tracie Roberts, our Vice President of Client Services, Dan Martello, Manager of Business Development and Strategy, and Nick Paradise, our Business Solutions Specialist.

The growth of the manufacturing industry is rapidly changing, and technology and innovative new processes will be the drivers. At this event, we found out what drives the 2014 honorees to excel and how all of these companies have adapted to a global economy through improved operations, products and services. We’d encourage anyone to attend this event next year and join us in continuing to support those that keep the manufacturing industry thriving.


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