Increasing Yield in Higher Education: An Indiana State University Case Study

[Webinar Recap] How Indiana State University Increased Yield

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It’s no secret that technology has disrupted nearly all industries, and higher education is no exception. The internet, social media and mobile devices now impact the way students research schools and submit applications.

In fact, 92% of college-age individuals own a smartphone according to the Pew Research Center.

One thing is clear: Admissions and marketing departments can’t sit idly by; rather, they must leverage digital marketing in their efforts to move students through the decision-making journey.

On November 7, 2017, Indiana State University and Fathom discussed how to navigate the evolving relationship between admissions and marketing departments with a fresh perspective on assessing and increasing yield rate in the webinar ‘Yield: Modern Solutions to the Age-Old Metric.’

The higher education marketing experts featured in this webinar include:

  • Santhana Naidu, Associate Vice President of Marketing & Communications at Indiana State University
  • Brittany Trafis, Senior Director of Integrated Strategy at Fathom

Personalization, Collaboration and Differentiation: Top Webinar Takeaways

Yield is the number one metric for higher education marketing and admissions departments. However, from 2001 to 2015, yield rates at four-year public and private institutions decreased by 32%.

It’s critical for institutions to not only ask the right questions, such as “How do I attract more of our ideal student?”, but also consider the evolution of student expectations. Students are concerned with more than academic prestige, and higher education institutions must learn to combine standard data points with unique student behaviors and interests in order to expand recruitment efforts.

In this webinar, Fathom and Indiana State University discuss the importance of focusing on the full student journey with personalized messaging to help your school differentiate itself and reach students with information that matters. For Indiana State University, this strategy resulted in:

  • 17% increase in freshman applications
  • 8% increase in new student orientation attendance
  • 5% increase in mid-competitive yield rate
  • 12% increase in new freshman enrollment

The essential topics covered in this webinar include:

  • How the state of yield has changed over the last two decades
  • Why decreases in yield correlate with technology, digital and consumer trends
  • The shift in marketing’s role to include strategy, brand and accountability for yield
  • Challenges and solutions to yield rate discrepancies
  • Fathom’s modernization of yield rate analysis
  • How Fathom and Indiana State increased yield by focusing on a full, personalized student journey

Fathom and Indiana State cover these topics and strategies to help your institution differentiate and stand out at all stages of the student decision-making journey.

Foster a Student-First Mindset to Increase Yield with Strategies from Fathom and Indiana State University

By watching this webinar, you will gain an understanding of how data, technology and personalization impact yield rate. Additionally, you will consider what happens within the research, inquiry and apply stages of the student journey and how that impacts yield. Learn why your institution should challenge itself to combine more impressions, sends and clicks with better data, insights and execution in order to gain more quality leads. Finally, viewers will hear how Indiana State University partnered with Fathom to launch a personalized strategy based on student mindsets and needs.

Watch ‘Yield: Modern Solutions to the Age-Old Metric’ to discover how to navigate the evolving relationship between admissions and marketing departments and learn how Indiana State University increased its yield rate with a combination of strategy, data and technology.

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