Increase Conversions with Countdown Ads

During this time of year we’re counting down to numerous events: Christmas, family get togethers, New Year’s Eve parties and more. Counting down to something is all about the anticipation of the event and it creates excitement that wouldn’t otherwise be there. So why not use a similar idea in your paid search ads? Last year Google rolled out their Countdown Widget which incorporates the use of parameters replaced by dynamic text to automatically countdown to a deadline in your ad.


Countdown ads have consistently worked well for me, and I suggest you use them too. It creates that “urgency” and “excitement” in the customer therefore making them more likely to convert. Not only do they help increase conversions, but they also increase CTR drastically. If people know your sale or deadline is only for a few days, they are more likely to click through and see what you have to offer right then. I have seen improved results with these throughout the whole countdown timeline, but most of the success comes 1-3 days before the deadline.

Don’t think these can only be used for retail and counting down a sale – they are helpful in all industries. For example, we have seen these work really well in the Education industry. You can promote your application or scholarship deadlines with a simple “Only X Days Left to Apply.” When a hard deadline is involved, it better motivates the person to convert.

Overall, if you are looking to increase conversions or CTR, I highly suggest using this widget and testing them against what you’re currently running. They are great for that extra boost that you are looking for right before a deadline. Once you set these up, all there is left to do is sit back and watch the conversions fly through.

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