5 Tips for Improving Your School’s Web Presence

5 Tips for Improving Your School’s Web Presence

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Fathom’s monthly industry update gives students, teachers, businesses, educational institutions or simply those who are curious, significant insight into the education industry.

Fathom’s higher education division works with a variety of colleges and universities across the globe, giving our company valuable expertise within the education industry. The EDU Standard, created by analytics experts in the higher education division at Fathom, aims to share our first-hand findings within the field directly with you. Whether it be tips on improving the return on paid search, the important benchmarks regarding search engine optimization or advice regarding marketing automation, The EDU Standard has it all. A sneak peek at some of the information gathered within The EDU Standard can be found below.

To download The EDU Standard visit: www.engage.fathomdelivers.com/edu_standard_4thEdition


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Ali is an online marketing and advertising associate at Fathom. A 2015 graduate from Saint Louis University with a degree in business administration, she is currently in Fathom's associate development program. Through the company's rigorous training program, advanced knowledge of search engine optimization, paid advertising, marketing automation, content marketing and social media management are gained.

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