The Importance of Mobile

The Importance of Mobile

Is your phone next to you? in your pocket? in the purse at your feet? Are you reading this while simultaneously answering text messages on your phone? Chances are your phone is not more than 3 feet from you. That being said, when identifying ways to reach your target audience, keep in mind the device that has become a staple in our everyday lives.

To illustrate the importance of mobile, let’s pretend you are part of a large university’s marketing team, targeting high school students beginning their college search. As mobile use has grown tremendously, your marketing department must now take into consideration the number of students accessing your website by mobile means. Prospective students visiting your webpage, during their college search, from a mobile device, will critique your University if the website has a long load time or is unable to optimize to the mobile platform. To best attract students, your marketing team must focus on not only their desktop presence but also optimizing for mobile, considering the importance of mobile within their marketing plans.

Let’s look at how important mobile has become:Mobile

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