How to Use YouTube to Promote Your School

YouTube has created an option to help educators reach a wider audience through YouTube EDU. YouTube EDU is a resource that contains high quality educational content worldwide, such as instructional how-to videos and videos from educational institutions. YouTube divides these videos into educational categories: Pre-K, Primary and Secondary, Higher Education, and Lifelong Learning. There are a variety of benefits of being an active member in the YouTube EDU community:

  • Greater access to schools
  • Longer watch times
  • Creative commons

YouTube TrueView ads are a variety of ad formats that any YouTube users can pay for to reach out to viewers. The TrueView ad formats are:  In-search, In-display, In-stream, and In-slate. This chart explains the different ad options and the pricing model.

Educational institutions can also create a branded channel, which allows for the compilation of an institution’s videos in a centralized location. They can build multiple playlists so viewers are able to quickly search for a specific type of video. The branded channel also has an option to search within the channel. For example, if a prospective student wants to take a virtual tour of the campus, they can search your channel page to see if there’s a virtual tour video.

Students tend to be more engaged when they are able to use a medium such as video. Not only can they watch the videos and follow the related links to other videos about the school, but they can also comment on the videos and ask questions. Their questions can be answered by a number of different sources:

  • Administrators at the university
  • Current students
  • Alumni
  • Prospective students

YouTube, which is powered by Google, utilizes the same remarketing techniques as Google AdWords searches. These remarketing techniques allow your institution to interact with prospective students who engaged with your video. You can find users who watch your entire video ad, or you can interact on your brand channel and deliver a follow-up ad via the Google Display Network or YouTube.

Members of YouTube’s EDU program have access to a unique set of education metadata fields. If you click to edit one of your videos, you can view the tagging features under the Education Tab.

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Image source: YouTube TrueView Ad Guide & YouTube EDU PlayBook Guide

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