How Does Your Comparison Shopping Engine (CSE) Feed Look?

Back in July of this year, Google’s Merchant blog announced they are requiring merchants to include more attributes and keep their products updated or their accounts will be disallowed. Both large and small businesses have had mixed reviews about it, but if you think about it from the consumer perspective then Google is only ensuring that the end user sees the most relevant products as well as current information.

So make sure to check out your feed (even Google Commerce blog has posted a reminder) and correct any warnings or errors. In Google Merchant center, check under Data Quality. If you see this, your feed is okay:

Good Google Feed in Merchant Center

If you see this, then you need to work on fixing the feed file:

Bad Google Feed in Merchant Center

Thankfully, Google lists out what item and/or attribute is missing or has an error. Just click on the plus mark for the items to display. However, if the feed is not updated then Google may suspend the account if it has critical errors that are not fixed.

Depending on if you hand-created the feed or if you have a CMS system that creates your initial feed, Google’s Merchant Help Center will guide you on where to update the changes. Preferably, if you have a CMS system, then correct the missing information in your CMS system. This way it keeps your database updated with accurate information needed to create the feeds. If you had to hand-create the feed then look for the line item with the error. (Quickest is CTRL +F)

Lastly, might as well update all the comparison shopping engine feeds with the newest feed file, because if Google had errors then the other feed properties had some errors as well.  Ensure that your prospective customers have a chance at seeing your products and that what they see doesn’t have errors.

If you need assistance with this, Fathom’s experts in E-commerce marketing can get your company’s feed compliant. We offer feed creation, maintenance and optimization, along with many other online services geared toward improving your E-commerce revenue.

Stay tuned next month for my next post, “Multiple Ways to Optimize CSE’s Feeds.”


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