Key Themes in the #HospitalWeek Twitter Chat: Social Media, Telemedicine and Reducing Readmissions

tweet chat word cloudYesterday, the American Hospital Association hosted a Twitter chat to talk about quality care. Close to 600 people tweeted using the hashtag #HospitalWeek leading up to and during the chat, although numerous Twitter handles used that opportunity to tweet their own messages not related to the chat.

When all was said and done, there were about 350 tweets in the Twitter chat by about 60 participants, which resulted in an estimated 1.9 million impressions … a nice turnout for a Twitter chat. The chat started with conversation identifying the top quality improvement areas for hospitals, as well as noting which areas have already been improved. Reducing readmissions was the overwhelming response to both of those topics.

Twitter chat participants also talked about what hospitals should focus on in terms of quality improvement for the next decade. Telemedicine was the most cited answer, with others mentioning EMRs and the transition of care.

The second half of the chat dealt with how to spread the learnings from quality work. Participants cited social media as the number one way to spread information, followed by research journals, health educations programs, webinars, mobile and patient portals. This is a shift in thinking from previous years when hospitals viewed social media as a way to connect with patients, but not necessarily peers.
Some hospitals used the Twitter chat to showcase what they are doing to improve quality care. There were some great examples, and the chat was a good way to share case studies. When it came to questions about the Affordable Care Act, there was little response. It seemed hospitals were nervous to make a statement on the issue.

If you missed the Hospital Week Twitter chat, you can view the tweets—and all #HospitalWeek tweets—at And don’t forget to change your social media profile images to the blue “H” hospital sign to draw attention to National Hospital Week through social media.


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