Hidden Powers of E-Commerce Video

The power of ecommerce video goes far beyond simply boosting conversions. And although increased conversions is usually enough to sway a marketer or business owner, there are still many more positive impacts video can have to help you decide to make the first step in video commerce.

1. Reduce Product Returns and Increase Satisfaction:

Videos provide a truer representation of a product than a photo or text description can. It allows for a better presentation of the product so that the customer knows exactly what he/she is purchasing, therefore leaving less dissatisfaction upon receival and less product returns. For example, Diamond Jewelry Limited saw a 60% reduction in returns after adding product demo videos.

2. Reduce Call Center Costs:

Video gives a product dimension that cannot be achieved through traditional text and photos. Customers can better understand a product by watching a video, which can lead to a drop in pre-sale customer inquires. This allows for a reduction in call center costs. For example, Luzen Outlets experienced a 30% drop in customer pre-sale calls.

3. Adapt to Mobile Users:

Video can help bridge the gap between online and offline shopping. As more people turn to the Internet for shopping, a disconnect grows between when a user researches a product online and when they visit the retailer store. Video, however, can allow for customers to get the information they want on a product while they are standing there right in the store. Most often this can be a huge sales tool by attaching a QR code to a product, which a customer can then scan and watch a video about the product, read reviews, etc.

4. Augment Social Commerce:

Video commerce can tie in with social media sites so that customers can not only learn about a product from the videos, but also from customers who review those products. For example, eBags.com accompanies many of their products with video and a Facebook feed where, as you watch the video, you can read posts from other consumers or post your own comment.

5. Conveying Trust in Your Product:

Adding product videos means you trust your product enough to show it in multi-dimensional formats and that you, as an etailer, trust your product enough to invest in your site to give your user the best experience possible.

The experts at Fathom Online Marketing can help you take the next step in adding video to your ecommerce site so that you can see your business grow.

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