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Once a month, Fathom Health provides our clients with the latest digital marketing industry news. Topic categories range from social media and content marketing, SEO and digital strategy, to broader healthcare industry news.

Starting now, we’re making those updates available to all Fathom blog readers. Want to catch up on the latest healthcare digital marketing industry news from July? Keep reading.

Update 1: What Healthcare Systems Should Know about Periscope

What you should know: Periscope is a “live video streaming platform” for Twitter, which basically means you can transmit a live recording of yourself to your Periscope and Twitter followers. Imagine Skyping someone, but instead of video calling a single person, you’re linked up to an entire community. Not only that, but whoever is watching you can comment and ask questions. These show up on your screen whilst broadcasting making it easy to answer and interact. Periscope is owned by Twitter and has been running for three months, gaining two million users.

Here’s how it works: You download the Periscope app into an iOS or Android device. That makes you the “host.” When you start a Periscope feed, you click to send out a Tweet announcing that the session is live. Anyone on your Twitter stream can watch what you’re broadcasting. (They can also download a Periscope app.) Watchers can send comments to you, the host, or toss (virtual) “hearts” during your video stream. Simultaneously, the live stream is recorded and stays up on the host’s Periscope page for 24 hours. Bonus: you don’t even need to follow someone on Twitter to tune into their live session (you can use the app). But you will get a Tweet alert when people you do follow go live.

Why should you care? This summer, we’ve seen three hospitals using Periscope for their healthcare initiatives.

  • Mayo Clinic has 1300 Periscope followers and is conducting a 6 month test to see it usefulness. They have 1.1 million Twitter users which Periscope engages with at the beginning of a Periscope broadcast by sending a tweet to invite them.
    • On June 15, Mayo broadcasted a live session on legal issues around healthcare social media.
  • Ohio State Wexner Medical Center used Periscope to live stream a surgeon repairing a patient’s Achilles’ tendon live and uncut. The surgeon also answered live Q&A.
  • OhioHealth has also used Periscope to broadcast a live procedure.

What you can do with this information: Clients can begin to watch industry leaders in their niche space using Periscope. Join. Identify opportunities where talking to your Twitter audience on a live video stream would get your message out there faster/better. Trade shows, behind the scenes webinars, speaking events, customer interviews, etc.

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Update 2: Bing Searches

What you should know: Recently, Bing followed Google’s lead and has started encrypting their searches. You may notice you won’t be able to get as much data from Bing’s webmaster tools, or that some data looks different.

bingWhy should you care? This is one more push in the initiative to get websites to encrypt their own websites and to switch to a more secure platform. There isn’t any word yet if Bing will use secure websites as a ranking signal for search results, but we know that Google already favors uses secure websites in search results.

What you can do with this information: There isn’t any immediate action that you need to take care of, but it is one more hint that you should move your site to https instead of just http. It doesn’t take much effort to do and it is more secure for you and you customers.

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Update 3: New Facebook Metric – Time Spent on Post

What you should know: Facebook announced a new metric that will affect their algorithm in terms of how long people are looking at your post. This new metric will show how long you viewed a post, and start showing posts in your news feed that you are more likely to view longer. This will improve how we can measure the success of a post.

Why should you care? Content creation will be impacted by this metric as we see which kind of posts are viewed longer than others. This will impact how we create content. Healthcare companies should care because better content leads to better engagement.

What you can do with this information: Start including this metric in reporting once it becomes available and analyze the metric when creating content calendars.

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Update 4: Forget Digital Strategy, You Need Digital Transformation

What you should know: Digital and mobile are no longer simply pieces of the equation to integrate into your marketing strategy. They are the world we live in now. It seems outdated to have a digital or mobile strategy; when what you need is a business strategy for the mobile world.

Why should you care? This impacts the business strategy your organization is developing now. The next meeting your leadership has about the future of your business, consider how your company may arrange in a different way.

The move from digital strategy to business strategy would create alignment under shared company priorities. Companies that took this approach (business strategy not digital strategy) transformed the marketplace. I.e. Uber (transportation), Instagram (photography) and Netflix (video content).

What you can do with this information: Modern businesses need to disrupt the core of their business, re-evaluate their roles in the modern world. Digital transformation is not going to be done by a digital department.

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Update 5: Recent Twitter Updates

What you should know: There are many new social media updates that have occurred recently, including three updates on Twitter. The first involves the audience insights dashboard, which was launched back in May, and provides a snapshot of your Twitter follower’s demographics, such as income, interests and purchasing behavior. This update enables brands to apply those demographics specifically to their ad campaigns and tailored audiences. You can access audience insights in Twitter analytics.

twitterAnother update involves Video on Twitter – videos will now auto play like they do on Facebook, and they will also appear a bit bigger. Just another way Twitter is trying to keep up and compete in the video space. This will affect video advertisements—going forward, advertisers will not be charged unless a user watches past 3 seconds.

Lastly, Twitter is jump-starting its shopping experience with product pages and collections. Twitter test offers brands and influencers dedicated pages for products and a Pinterest-like way to gather them all in one place. A few of the launch partners are Target, the Disney Store, Nordstrom, and Nike.

Why should you care? This is an opportunity to get a deeper look into your followers. This can help with overall strategy on Twitter. For those adverting on Twitter, this will improve targeting options and allows videos to be showcased.

What you can do with this information: Businesses (especially retailers) should start thinking about how to take advantage of these product showcase pages in the future once they are rolled out. More to come on this.

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