Health IT Tools Improving Health Outcomes

ISV white paper coverGood news for patients and healthcare IT companies alike: A report released yesterday from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) ties specific health IT tools to improved health outcomes (via iHealthBeat).

The report gets into the details of 24 of AHRQ’s funded projects’ shared goals of:

  • Improving care quality through clinician use of health IT
  • Using health IT to create patient-centered care
  • Measuring quality with health IT
  • Enabling “ambulatory care patient safety proactive risk assessments”

The Ambulatory Safety and Quality Grant program has since 2006 put $25.8 million towards innovative programs that will link physicians’ electronic health record systems with community data exchanges. The intended outcome is to produce reporting on performance, presumably that of hospitals and healthcare providers as evidenced by what community data show.

Where’s the marketing angle, you’re asking? I see the expression “patient-centered” care thrown around a lot, including in the article referenced above. As marketers, we think about how this applies to the healthcare consumer in the everyday world: The more your organization speaks the language of the patient, the more genuine its marketing will feel. Patients want to trust their healthcare providers, and few things go further to facilitate trust in the initial research process than a credible web presence. Credibility can be represented and experienced through email messaging, social media, informative digital content (PDFs, videos, graphics), and usable websites.

Another angle that should excite marketers—and hospital chief communications officers—is the concept of reporting on performance, namely marketing performance. Tying electronic health records (EHRs) to customer relationship management (CRM) systems can be one way to more clearly understand how digital marketing can positively impact healthcare providers’ bottom lines as much as it boosts brand recognition.

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