Health IT Getting Bigger: EHR Adoption Triples From 2010

EHRHealth IT adoption is growing in U.S. hospitals and office-based physician practices (via iHealthBeat).

A new Robert Wood Johnson Foundation report showed the rate of hospital EHR adoption tripling since 2010:

  • Rural hospitals: 257% increase from 2010 (up to 33.5% adoption in 2012)
  • Urban hospitals: 180% increase from 2010 (up to 47.7% adoption in 2012)

Small practices still maintain lower overall EHR adoption rates than larger practices, but office-based practices had also upped their usage of EHRs in 2012, from 26% in 2010 to 38% in 2012.

With all this growth, plenty of opportunities exist for independent software vendors to answer the call for technological efficiency in healthcare organizations. The study’s authors note that financial incentives established under the 2009 federal economic stimulus package are working as intended to incentivize healthcare providers to demonstrate “meaningful use” of certified EHR systems. Demonstrating “meaningful use” can allow them to qualify for Medicaid and Medicare incentive payments and avoid penalties, therefore the likelihood of continued adoption (if not adoption rate increases) is great.

The authors also note that smaller and rural hospitals might need more help in getting EHRs established. The potential rewards for independent software vendors to address this void are great. By targeting the smaller and rural hospitals—as well as the big boys—with campaigns focusing on the incentives (both positive and negative) for getting technologically up to speed, software vendors can create some predictable revenue with smart content strategies.

Social media offers a way for health IT companies to attract new customers, as does video (in fact, the two are often intertwined). Another path to targeted lead-generation originates from marketing automation.

Health IT software marketers, what is your company doing to address this growing market?


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