Happy Manufacturing Month from Fathom!

Did you know that October is Manufacturing Month? Throughout the month of October, manufacturers will be opening their doors to show what manufacturing is and isn’t. The goal of this month is to correct the public perception that manufacturing environments are antiquated factories designed for low-skilled workers. This month, manufacturing companies all over the country will connect with the public to address challenges the industry faces.

Here at Fathom, our manufacturing team, the “Lead Manufacturers,” will be celebrating the month with a series of blog posts of all things digital marketing in the manufacturing industry. We know that the manufacturing industry is often on the cutting edge of technology, and we’re happy to help correct the misguided public perception.

Stay tuned throughout the month for posts covering a range of topics that address the challenges manufacturers face in digital marketing and in their industry overall. In this series you’ll learn strategies in content marketing, pay-per-click, video marketing, conversion, and more, that will help your manufacturing company grow.

While you’re waiting for the next installment in this series, check out some of our most recent blog posts for the manufacturing industry:



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