Great Leads + Strong Sales Team = Breaking Ticket Sales Goals

The formula to sell tickets in the competitive sports industry is simple at its core:

Great leads + a strong sales team = breaking ticket sales goals

Best practices in how to hire, train and build a strong sales team have been well documented and studied for years in the professional sports business. Having helped over 80 professional sports teams hire their ticket sales staffs, I have seen firsthand how much emphasis is put on building one part of the equation: “a strong sales team.”

Unfortunately, not enough emphasis has been put on the other part of the equation: great leads. Yes, sports teams are starting to invest heavily in CRMs, and others have tried scoring their current leads, but what are teams doing to capture the right new leads?

Gone are the days of buying lead lists and crossing your fingers in hope that the lead even likes your team or sports in general. Now is the time to get more out of your budget by attracting leads that are interested in your organization, potentially fit a target demographic, and have already taken an action to buy tickets from your team.

So, how do you do this?

This is where an organization like Fathom comes in to create and optimize a targeted pay-per-click (PPC) marketing strategy. Several sports organizations have tried advertising on Google or “retarget” marketing, but that is only scratching the surface. Fathom is helping organizations drive more sales with targeted campaigns in Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn, as well as through “remarketing.” It’s all about knowing your audience in each platform, pitching the right message at the right time, and optimizing the entire campaign for conversion (more ticket sales)!

Drafting an agency
Picking the right partner to navigate this complex, but lucrative space is the key. Select an organization that focuses and consistently delivers on the metrics that really matter: Driving more sales with a strong ROI. Your partner should also have a deep understanding of your business and industry along with experience selling your product.

Rest assured that Fathom holds itself accountable for every marketing dollar spent with the company. We are measured by our ability to drive sales for your team with a strong return-on-investment. Our expertise and experience driving ticket sales in the sports industry—combined with our track record of driving revenue through PPC marketing—make Fathom an ideal partner for any sports organization.

If you are ready to get better leads and sell more tickets, please contact me today for a free assessment and more information on pay-per-click marketing.


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About Steve Kessen

Steve Kessen is both a director of Fathom’s enterprise solutions and its sports marketing practice. Formerly the vice president and general manager at TeamWork Online, he has worked with more than 750 of the top brands in sports: the NBA, NFL, NHL; MLB, NASCAR, IMG, ESPN Wide World of Sports and many others. Prior to his role at TeamWork Online, Kessen was one of the first ever dedicated analytics professionals in the professional sports business for the Cleveland Cavaliers. In addition to Kessen’s extensive experience in analytics and the sports industry, he has also been a CPA in the State of Ohio while starting his career at Ernst & Young. Kessen holds an MBA from the Case Western Reserve University Weatherhead School of Business and a BBA in accounting from Kent State University. Complementing his full-time role at Fathom, he is also an adjunct professor at the Georgetown University Master of Sport Industry Management program. He resides in Northeast Ohio with his wife and son.

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