Google Unleashes Structured Snippets

Recently out of Beta, Google has rolled out Structured Snippets Extensions. These are non-clickable texts to highlight more detailed values of your product or service. While still a new feature that will need some testing for optimal results, here is what you need to know about them:


Google Structured Snippet creation view in AdWords

adwords blog snippet view

Ad Example from the Google AdWords blog

Predefined Headers – Unlike other extensions, Google currently is restricting use to 12 pre-labeled headlines that will appear in your ad before your added Values.

Creation – Structured Snippets can be enabled at the Account, Campaign, or Ad Group level. They each must be 25 characters or less. Device preference and ad scheduling may also be utilized.

Restrictions – You are required to enter a minimum of 3 snippets. The snippets must match the theme of the predefined header you select or Google may not give their approval. Your text must be Family Safe

Recommendations – Google is suggesting using at least 4 snippets, even though only 3 are required, and you can have up to 10!  Like other ad copy or extensions, device preference does apply for this, so make sure to utilize this option and create shorter text for mobile versions (Google kindly suggestions keeping it 12 characters or less).

Best Industries – With the current headers, it’s a no brain-er for use in Higher Education, Retail, Insurance, and Hotels/Travel. This doesn’t mean other industries are excluded, you may just have to be a bit more creative! It’s also a perfect use case for a company with multiple brands and highlighting that with the Brands header.

Bottom Line: If your product or service can utilize one of the structured snippet headers, I suggest you get it up and running! With Google putting more weight on ad extensions for their ad rank formula, it is extremely important to use these to your advantage.  While they aren’t guaranteed to show all the time, not only will they help ad rank, but when they show they help take up more realty space pushing down your competitors!

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