Google AdWords Adds “Customer Match” to Their Targeting Arsenal

Finally, Google has jumped on the bandwagon to the ability to target users by offline data, such as email addresses, that they are calling “Customer Match”. Google was not an innovator nor early adopter with this targeting technique as 3rd party retargeting vendors and DSPs have coined this tactic as “CRM Retargeting”. In addition, Facebook calls this “Custom Audiences” where Twitter defines this as “Tailored Audiences”. But now, Google has jumped aboard and allows you to target users based on email addresses you have.

There are unfortunately some limitations. For one, the email address of the user you’re trying to match also has to be logged into their google account. In addition, to begin with this targeting capability will only be available via Google Search, YouTube, and Gmail Sponsored Promotions (GSP). Unfortunately, it does not appear to be available across the Google Display Network (GDN) like CRM retargeting can be used. Due to the limitations above, and like other targeting technologies that use offline data to target users online; you must have a large email list. Otherwise, there will be very few users that fit the criteria necessary above to actually find them!

The good news is this adds an additional way to reach users more likely to be interested in your products and services than simply bidding on keywords or using YouTube Trueview ads and GSP ads based on demographic and interest targeting.

There are several use cases for Google’s “Customer Match” that should be considered if you have a large enough email list, including:

  1. Old Leads: Following up with users that have completed an action but never completed the desired action, such as purchasing your product or service.
  2. Cross Selling: Identifying users who have purchased one product or service, but might be also interested in another product or service that you offer.
  3. Making the Push: Similar to old leads, identifying more recent leads and pushing them further down the buyers funnel.
  4. Brand Awareness & Brand Recall: By targeting users who have already completed an action, you can keep your brand top of mind.

Regardless of how you can strategically use “Customer Match” for digital advertising campaigns, it’s great to see Google offer another targeting tactic to improve the efficiencies and ROI of your marketing. Keep your eyes open for another announcement, as this new targeting technique is supposed to be rolled out to all advertisers over the next few weeks!

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