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I’ve had a lot of people ask me lately when to use what Google ad extension, in regards to Sitelinks, Callouts, and the newer Structured Snippets, and how they differ from a main ad and each other. I often struggle to find a simple way to answer, especially when explaining to people whose daily world doesn’t revolve around PPC like mine does. So today, I’ve decided to explain using a Thanksgiving dinner to get in the holiday spirit!

Main Ad – this is your turkey. Your main event (unless you’re weird like my family, then it’s your ham). If all your side dishes fail you still have the centerpiece to your meal. What is the main takeaway you want to leave your guests with? Provide guests with details about the turkey, make it scream “eat me now!” and HAVE to come to your dinner.

Sitelinks – these describe your side dishes. What other food might your guests be interested in eating? Maybe they are vegetarian and just came for the homemade cranberry sauce, although seriously, out of a can is so much better than homemade. Allow them an easy way to access these other tasty treats they might not otherwise have known were on the table.

Callouts – these help describe what will make your dinner experience unique. It can provide additional details like “free doggy bag”, “invite a friend”, or “free crafts for kids”.

Structured Snippets – these help describe a certain features of your dinner. Google does have predefined headers for these like Styles, Types, and Amenities. You can read more details about Structured Snippets in my other blog post (shameless plug). Pro tip: if your business doesn’t really match up to one of these headers, try using Amenities. Then you can describe your Thanksgiving location, like “Guest Rooms”, “Board Game Collection”, or “Turkey Bowl Football”. Google can be like your picky grandma with these; mine would send any food back to be nuked in the microwave because it was never hot enough. So, they may ‘send it back’ (a.k.a disapprove) at first, however, usually you can have them review it again and then everyone is happy.

There you have your Thanksgiving event. Use these all together to create the best experience for your guests and appease the Google Gods to improve your ad rank. Google did also update Structured Snippets to include Black Friday and Cyber Monday for this Thanksgiving season. So, remember that there will be plenty of online deals you will see in these ads next week that could be even better than some stores. By shopping online you can avoid the crazy crowds, but more importantly, spend the holiday the way it was supposed to be spent, with family.


Bonus! In case you want a Google ad extensions explanation, here is their simplified description of the differences between Callouts and Structured Snippets:

Google Explanation

The difference between Callouts and Structured Snippets

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