Get in Shape for 2016: Your Lean Manufacturing Marketing Machine

Lean Manufacturing Marketing Machine

The MFG Standard – Issue 2

The second issue of Fathom’s quarterly manufacturing marketing publication The MFG Standard is out just in time for setting 2016 budgets. The information in this report is intended to help manufacturing marketers know where to focus their efforts and resources in the coming year— which will help justify marketing dollars to the C-suite.

Focused on getting your marketing efforts in shape for success in 2016, this manufacturing marketing magazine shows you how to apply lean concepts—which are so important to the manufacturing industry as a whole—to your marketing program, maximizing efficiency and effectiveness.

 This issue of The MFG Standard provides in-depth & actionable articles on the following topics:

    • How to Set Your 2016 Manufacturing Marketing Budget While Staying Lean
    • Industry Benchmarks from Google’s Industrial Goods & Manufacturing Search Trends
    • SEO Update: What Google’s New “Local Pack” Means for Manufacturers
    • Twitter Paid Promotions: Reaching the Right Audiences with Cost-Effective Advertising
    • Upcoming B2B Trend: Account-Based Marketing
    • Manufacturing Marketer Spotlight: Modern Marketing & What It Means to Manufacturing Businesses

The MFG Standard is a quarterly publication that is dedicated to providing manufacturing marketers with the latest must-know marketing news and comprehensive marketing strategies tailored just for the manufacturing industry.

Get your copy of “Get in Shape for 2016: Your Lean Manufacturing Marketing Machine” and subscribe to The MFG Standard for quarterly marketing updates you can’t afford to miss.

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  • Andrew Ewen says:

    Hello Victoria, I received the below message when I tried to open the MFG Standard
    “The requested URL /the-mfg-standard/ was not found on this server.”

    How can I get a copy of the report?
    Thanks and kind regards,

    • Victoria Grieshammer says:

      Hi Andrew,

      I apologize for the late response–a form has been added directly to this page, so you can access the MFG Standard by filling out this form.

      Thank you!

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