Fathom Unleashes Its New Weekly Video: Fathom That?!

Check out the first edition of “Fathom That?!” a weekly tips, tricks and how-to video all about online marketing. Each Friday morning, a different expert here at Fathom will take a minute to discuss an important aspect of Internet Marketing.

This week, Matt Messenger, our resident E-commerce expert, discusses 5 simple tricks to optimize your e-commerce site content.  These tips can help your business build itself as a credible vendor on the Internet and increase online sales.

Take a look! And Check back next week when Brittany, a PPC and Social Media specialist, will talk about building a Twitter following using Promoted Accounts.

About Abigail Birmingham

Abigail Birmingham is a Creative Leader for Fathom's education team specializing in video production, creative design, and content strategy. She is passionate about helping clients tell a great story and engage with their audience. She is a strong believer in the power of captivating and creative content as a driving force in an effective marketing strategy.

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  • Great that you guys are doing weekly videos! I will be checking back next week to see what you guys are offering. I would like to hear more about e-commerce optimization… the specifics.

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