Fathom That?! – Ep. 10 – “Gear Up for the Holidays with CSE”

Gear up for the holidays this year by getting your products on comparison shopping engines!

This week on “Fathom That?!” Colleen, an e-commerce expert at Fathom, shares information and tips about CSEs in the first edition of our mini series on e-commerce called “Gear Up for the Holidays!”

Learn about the different types of Comparison Shopping Engines and how easy it is to get started.

Stay tuned next week when we continue our “Gear Up for the Holidays” series and bring in expert Jenni Ramminger to talk about using live chat!

About Abigail Birmingham

Abigail Birmingham is a Creative Leader for Fathom's education team specializing in video production, creative design, and content strategy. She is passionate about helping clients tell a great story and engage with their audience. She is a strong believer in the power of captivating and creative content as a driving force in an effective marketing strategy.

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